Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Masonry is a system of ethics and religion in which there is some truth, though eviscerated and mutilated ; and moral precepts, which in their negative limited exoteric form, appear beyond criticism. It is a system held and defended by many men ; men of learning, of wealth, of social influence ; men of strong and magnetic personality ; men of kindly and progressive liberal tendencies ; men who have piety in their peculiar religious consciousness ; men who have taste for the artistic, the beautiful, the sublime ; men who in the eyes of the world, of their fellow-man, are gods of power and graciousness, men who none-the-less, knowingly or unknowingly, support progressive movement towards a UN centrally controlled "New World Order".

And yet this system is capable without in the least straining a single principle, of the vilest and most dastardly acts which any man can do to his fellow-man ; acts of treachery and of advantage taken over innocence, guilelessness and reposed confidence such as the annals of humanity can scarcely surpass ; who, when supported and promoted by the other control mechanisms we know as politics, free-trade, organized religion and the military-industrial-complex, the vast combined system covers for each other. Not only can they do this, but Freemasonry, by its spirit and principles, fosters it, and it does it. And when criminal or immoral acts are committed by its adherents, when convenient, the system shields its pedophile perpetrators, and assures them that there is no wrong in them, though for reasons of con venience and expedience these acts must be kept secret.

These indulgences in which its adherents may engage are a pleasure which they especially may enjoy, but which must not be spoken of, a thing never to regret, but ever to conceal; THE ONLY WRONG IN THEM IS IN BEING FOUND OUT. The value of its "secrets" lies in this. Thus, at one strike it ravishes virtue, destroys all belief in virtue, and denies all need of repentance and reformation. And the palpable object of all this is not that its adherents believe in this strange system of ethics, for that would seem impossible for rational and moral beings to do, but simply to avert the consequences which would prevent them from continuing their criminal or immoral deeds. No system can be more "devilish" and no character more hateful and "diabolical" than that fostered by such principles. "Tell them what they want to hear and do what we tell you to do" ethics are subversive of all true morality, virtue, veracity and spirituality. They make the wrong, the crime or immorality, consist only of being found out. This so-called logic is but an illusion that permits Freemasons to temporarily escape from reality.

The institution standing for and protecting this "step-by-step" system of immoral ethics may stand high and beautiful in the eyes of men, but, in it are secret chambers giving license to the passions in which human souls are ruined and virtue stabbed. Freemasonry is a sophisticated "gang" of organised criminal "hypocrites" who plead that you should not judge their behavior, but ask that you endure its cons equenses.

In order for our world to survive, we must first save ourselves and loved ones from Zoro-Astrian / Zoro-Babel Freemasonry and their SYSTEM, and continue to expect that, later, all the genius, kindliness, hypocrisy and secrecy that this world-wide Freemasonic system contains shall not prevail before the ultimate power of Creation.

"Freemasonry is a SYSTEM of MORALITY veiled in ALLEGORY and illustrated by SYMBOLS".

"Morality is that instinctive sense of right and wrong that tells some people how everyone else should behave."

One should not be surprised to find Sexual Predators in Organized Religion, anymore than one would be surprised to find thieves in Organized Crime, untruths spoken in Politics, Control Freaks on the Internet, or, Character Assassins in the National Media; as within the current Masonic Cultural SYSTEM ...that is their JOB.

1.Rothschild Bank of London
2.Warburg Bank of Hamburg
3.Rothschild Bank of Berlin
4.Lehman Brothers of New York
5.Lazard Brothers of Paris
6.Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York
7.Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy
8.Goldman, Sachs of New York
9.Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
10.Chase Manhattan Bank of New York

You should know them - they front for the Arabian Emirs who own the Federal Reserve and other Central Banks.

Explain it in as few words as possible.

Start by acquiring copies of Freemasonry's secret Encyclopedias. Read them through and through. Eventually you will catch on to their "pattern" of speech and symbols. Then, read the Bible, not to believe what it says on the surface, but rather, from the lessons you've learned in decoding using Freemasonry's Encyclopedias. Now, repeat the same thing, this time using Shakespeares plays. He, and Heroditus, were the original Haks (er) who scrambled your teacher's brain. The next thing to do is to go to your computer and look up the Desdemona type face. Make one copy of each character on paper and one on a transparency. Invert the transparency onto its own character on paper and note the new ../images/pictograms that appear. The alphabet tells a story of how one creates a Hermaphrodite, a Superman.

Desdemona is a female character in Shakespeare's play Othello. It's a play about spousal abuse that leads to her murder. The word Desdemona translates in Mason phonetic codes into "destroy the demon female." The Desdemona type font is a "Art Nouveau" style and was imported during a period from 1880 to 1919, during the second wave of eastern European immigration to the USA and became revived in digital form in the 60's.

The Masonic allegory is an Arc as in Antarctica. It's the symbolism for DNA and genetic engineering.

You should also seek out who were the actual troglodytes who modelled for the "Aliens" in SS's Close Encounters of a Third Kind and AI. SS knows what's coming. Most Masons don't know, as there is a "Need to Know Basis" (55/70 degrees) classification that shuts out most Masons from knowing (overstanding) Ultimate Reality. Others are just used and then discarded.
It took me fifteen years to figure this coding out without any help. Now, you should be able to do it in half the time it took me. Then, someone else will contact you and ask you how to do it in an hour. Good luck.

The SculPTor

"There are powers at work in this country about which we have no knowledge." Queen Elizabeth II