Tuesday, December 29, 2009


"Freemasonry is a SYSTEM of MORALITY veiled in ALLEGORY and illustrated by SYMBOLS".


The "beginning" is the place and time that identifies where and when Zoro-Astrian Freemasons first began Gabriel's public quest for a New World Order.

It means at the time and place of the introduction of the Caucasian race, ie: The Caucasus.

Please note that the spelling of the word "beginning" includes two versions of the word "GIN"; one reading left to right, the other right to left. These are two Masonic clues placed side by side. Masons use clues in order to communicate their presence. Two such clues usually mean that the message which follows will be of interest to Masons.

A Mason priest's goal is to gin (as in a cotton gin). He culls (ie : Divides in order to Conquers). From a large group of 'originals', Masons will cull a small group of elite (ab) thereby creating "ab"originals (ab which means "out of"), as in abnormal (out of the normal).

In ancient times, the donkey (ass) carried secret messages down from the mountain stronghold of the controllers of Kurdistan, into the valleys of the Zab rivers below. Often the messages were concealed within the vaginas of female donkeys where it was hoped no one would think of looking. A horse might have been stolen along the way but a "stubborn donkey" was of li ttle interest to the highwaymen who preyed upon caravans. Mule trains made it through safely, as they were viewed as symbols of poverty not worth preying upon. This is also why the donkey became the symbol of the Democratic Party in the USA. The diversion caused by the arrival of Democrats upon the political scene enabled out-of-office Republican controllers to "pass" (read ass) the laws that created the Federal Reserve and the Income Tax Act early in the twentieth century.

The donkey is a primary key. A key unlocks a door. The door marks the beginning, or point of entry or exit. A donkey also symbolizes the masses. That is why donkeys are also called asses. Like donkeys, people can be led, as long as they are also pushed from behind (kicked in the ass). Management lead, while unions push the employees into acceptance. Both Management and Unions are really working as a team together. Both work either overtly or covertly for the same controller (the controlling shareholders). No one really "cares" about the employees, they only pretend they do. As in politics it is this hypocrisy that makes all of their jobs simpler to carry out.

The word ass written in French is "cul". Cul is linked to the English word "cull" which means to "gin". It means to divide. The first place that our controllers established as their stating point, when they came out of the mountains eight thousand years ago, was called Assyria (read ass). When they began their first recorded journey west, in the fourteenth century AD, they created the National Assembly (read ass) of those peopl e culled from the masses who would govern France on their behalf. Likewise, when they came to Canada, they created a National Assembly in Quebec (read ass). Also, once the newly "culled" natives, now known as "aboriginals", were to be re-included into their ancient plan for "The End Times", Zoro-Astrian Freemasonry then fashioned the "Assembly of First Nations" (read ass). The appearance of the word "ass" in each of these entities is not a coincidence. It is the main clue hinting at the presence of Zoro-Astrian Freemasonry control.

NOW, as an exercise that will help me to overstand whether or not you in fact comprehend this first "principle", please try and find other words which contain the letters 'ass' or 'cul', and then see if you can link these words meaning to something else which is linked to the word 'beginning'. When you do, please Email these words back to me and we will examine their connectivity together.

The SculPTor