Monday, February 15, 2010

OLE~! MOUSEKETEERS : Build A Better Mouse Trap

Rats were useful to Troglodytes. They were like guides underground that showed them THE WAY to get from one cave to another, thereby greatly expanding the area that Trogs could reach below ground.

This allowed Trogs to spy on their enemies, by listening in from below. As a result they called our planet EARth. The planet itself was to be their EAR on the world above. Only an the All-Seeing-Eye would have to wait till later.

Mice, on the other-hand, at first seemed to have no useful purpose. They would take Trog food and seed (corn) and give nothing in return. They were just like the people above ground.

Yet, mice were not as crafty or as shrewd as rats. They were easily caught. One simply needed to place a box or pit that was sufficiently deep (two feet) and mice would jump into it in search of food. Like most people above ground, being more interested in instant gratification than in the long-term consequences of their actions, the mice would find themselves trapped and unable to jump high enough to escape the BOX.

This gave Grand Orient Troglodytes the idea that helped them to take over the world. Agriculture would be the bait they would use to draw the people away from hunting and foraging. Work for pay and money would be the trap.

Once caught, the people, like mice, could then be used as ëGuinea Pigs‰ in experiments designed to measure the effectiveness of war, pestilence, famine and disease as control mechanisms on people. It would also allow tests us ing genetic-engineering which would lead to cloning L10MAN, their long awaited cloned SuperSlave; their redeemer. Success in this matter is confirmed by awards such as Nobel and Pulitzer Prizes, Academy Awards and Olympic Medals.

This BOX plan, built in decreasing sizes (Pyramid style), would soon prove effective enough even to also trap human rats, Freemasonry's priests who prey (pray) on their own people.

The plan's beginning and end would be bracketed by the introduction of agriculture, and closed later, following the destruction of the family farm and imposition of taxes, by the introduction of BOX stores. An OX (as in BOX), leading the bulls (rats) to their death as they do to a bullring, would mark THE WAY (as laid out in GOLF by GOF).

OLE (Ordo Lapsit Exillis), what goes around comes around.

The SculPTor

PS: Mousterian. Archaeology. Designating or belonging to a Middle Paleolithic culture following the Acheulian and associated with Neanderthal man, characterized by the use of flaked tools. [French moustÚrien, after Le Moustier, a cave in the Pyrenees of southwest France.]