Sunday, April 26, 2009

Freemasonry is Moho Tollgaters 360 Degree Ferris Wheel

FROM PHOENIX TO ATLANTA -- 1492 + 484 + 32 = 2008

A 1/2 Shelflife

A two-headed PHOENIX to Ecclesiastic Freemasonry is a period of time which has a duration of 484 years.

Phoenixes are separated by a transition period of 32 years (2x16)

Two Phoenixes plus transition is 1,000 years. One thousand years is one day; ie Bacon's College of six days is 6,000 years (See the New Atlantis and Advancements in Learning.

INRI, GO/REGO, IFRA = from Infrastructure

Honey is 100 -- Beeswax is 200 (It is used to store female eggs obtained in human sacrifice and stored under Greenland's 2 miles of hard ice. They will be used to genetically engineer UNICORNS (perfect slaves)

Secular Masons want instant gratification and therefore are led to a bee hive where they eat the honey and leave a mess. Priests want control and therefore they show up after the Masons leave and collect the beeswax.

Now that they have exploited the Northern Hemisphere for its "milk and honey" I expect that everything is to move to the Southern Hemisphere where the infrostucture will be exploited from the BRAZIL ("AZIL" ie: SIAL 10 - nut house)

I expect that a Unified Theory of the Universe will be found once an archeological excavation takes place on the farm where I live. This will resolve any and all questions about the Herstory of Earth (not History).

Ecclesiastic Freemasonry (since 40,000 BC) is a system of MORALITY (Roma religion), veiled in ALLEGORY (Al Gore climate change), and illustrated by (Sea) SYMBOLS (Ba'al and the DESDEMONA type face. See Othello)

demon = Deutsche Santa/Satan weemen
a = WOMEN when found at the end of a word.

Read old (1800's) dictionaries, encyclopedias, classics, TROY, Helen (he Glen) of Troy, operas etc..

Shortcut by reading the back issues of The KEALEY papers

Bing, Being, Boeing, Beijing, Bang

The SculPTor (1776-1867)


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