Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Modern Freemasonry's 15 Most Noble Theorists/Terrorists

"The best brains Zarathustrian priests (Z) could buy"

Nicolaus Copernicus
Theory of the Solar System

James Hutton

Theory of the structure of the Earth

Antoine Laurent Lavoiser
Theory of Fire

Benjamin Thompson
Count Rumford

Christaan Huygens
Theory of Light

Rev. Thomas Robert Malthus
Theory of Population

Charles Robert Darwin
Theory of the Evolution

Karl Marx
Theory of the Economic Interpretation of History

Louis Pasteur
Theory of Disease

Sigmund Freud
Theory of the Mind

Thomas Chrowder Chamberlain
Theory of the Origin of our Planet

Franz Boas
Theory of Man

Albert Einstein
Theory of Relativity

Kealey Paper *Issue 20-2* March 2001 to September 2001