Saturday, April 11, 2009



gauntlet also gantlet : 1.a. A form of punishment in which men armed with sticks or other weapons arrange themselves in two lines facing each other and beat the person forced to run between them. b. The lines of men so arranged. 2. An onslaught or attack from all sides. 3. A severe trial; an ordeal.

Life under the dominance of foreign tax collectors (tollgaters) isn't easy for slaves who do their own shopping.

First, the tax collectors lend money to the government, money that they make out of thin air. This loan creates a debt on which interest is payable.

This interest is paid as taxes by the slaves who do their own shopping.

Then, the money lenders, with the profit they made on the debt, will buy the natural resources of the country and make a big profit on their resale. The slaves who do their own shopping thereby lose their birthright and therefore must perform work in order to survive.

Next, the tax collector takes a 30% (+) cut off of the earnings of the slave who does his/her own shopping, as he/she also pays the additional fees, licenses, permits and sales taxes.

Then, successful slaves who do their own shopping, called entrpreneurs, are allowed to build businesses which are then bankrupted by the money lenders, and the spoils assembled with those of others who have suffered the same fate, where miraculously, they are turned into successful transnational corporations that belong to the money lenders who bankrupted them in the first place.

As well, the government will ask these slaves who do their own shopping to volunteer their spare time doing works that will save the government money, money that can then be stolen by the agents of the tollgator.

Then, the government's 'nice' antipodean opposite bookend, called organized religion, will suggest that the slave who does his/her own shopping pay them 10% (+ or -) to amend for the guilt trips that they, religion and the media have fabricated, and later, for a valid passport to enter their dreamland heaven.

Finally, both the government and organized religion, with the media driving the getaway car, like the vultures they all are, prey upon the ex slaves who still do their own shopping, waiting to pick their bones clean after they die.

Ain't life GRAND.
The SculPTor