Sunday, April 26, 2009

Grand Secretary Writes to Kealey ????


To verify your authenticity please send an original of this letter on
you official letterhead, by certified snail mail.

In the meantime I will attempt to verify authenticity by independent means.


The Grand Secretary wrote:

> Glen,
> I must tell you that you are spot on when you conclude that the
> true and original form of Free Masonry was (and is) the first
> organised religion.
> You may find our website of interest to you. For good reasons, we
> only start the time line on the "Grand Lodges in England" webpage
> from the issuing of the Royal Charter at St Peter's at York (King
> Athelstane - AD 926).
> What we do not publish, is that this Charter gave royal assent to
> the Céile Dé Masonic Priest Architects to continue their
> activities, legally, in the face of considerable persecution, from
> Rome.
> The Céile Dé Priest Masons came from Celtic/Druidic, pre-Davidic
> roots.
> The Moderns form of freemasonry, as you probably already know, was
> a self-stared humanist breakaway (a corruption of the original)
> prompted by the Rosicrucians of the Enlightenment years. This
> hijacking of Free Masonry on behalf of Protestant Hanover, was
> planned and carried out as recently as 1723 (the Anderson
> Constitutions) in the back room of a London Pub (The Goose and
> Gridiron).
> It is this form of freemasonry that constitutes the mass
> membership form of the old religion, but it is not the true and
> original form of the Craft, and, as you know has been reduced to
> little more than a social club. However, the Moderns form of
> freemasonry was further developed (we would say corrupted) with
> the added Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Weishaupt's
> Illuminati etc.
> I hope that you enjoy your visit to our website.
> Peter
> Peter J. Clatworthy
> Grand Secretary
> Grand Lodge of All England at York

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