Saturday, April 11, 2009


Genetic Engineering : The manipulation of MOLECULES in strands of DNA to produce new types of organisms.

HUMAN genetic engineering : The scientific alteration of the structure of the genetic material of an original black African human BING, thus making the altered person into a deviant tan, yellow or white coloured human BEING; as a necessary first step to it then being further dumbed-down mentally by means of religion, and thus converting it once again, this time into an 'automan' human BOEING; prior to making it, finally, into an androgyne SuperSlave which functions on auto-pilot, mainly for future use in outer space exploration. See triphibian Ubermensch Superman.

The genetic process involves the production and use of recombinant DNA such as has been employed to create bacteria that synthesize insulin and other human proteins.

Genetic engineering is being developed commercially in the United States, with such uses as producing BACTERIA that will keep plants from freezing in a mild frost.

Not surprisingly, because schools do not teach pre Ice Age "history", and that most people believe that this is a relatively new and untested procedure, there is often controversy about the risk involved in releasing genetically engineered organisms into the environment.

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