Wednesday, April 8, 2009


ETA 6000 AD

A new genetically engineered androgynous Super Slave is expected, by the SS Moho gods of Sima-Sial who will make him, to repopulate the surface of planet Earth in the year 6000.

This is after 2000 years of the EARTH being left fallow, following the extermination of Asians and Africans, in 4000 AD. The so-called "White Elephant Caucasians" would have already been ethnically cleansed from the planet approximately 2000 years earlier.

According to a former VI Secretary of Defense, William Cohen, race specific ethnic cleansers are already in the works.

Styled Ubermensch, as the future all-purpose triphibian super-slave human-boeing worker-bee is known by its Persian VI and German XVI (K2) Skull and Bones fabricators, it is expected to combine the skeletal and muscular structure of the black African with the repetend intellect of the tan or yellow Asian. Additionally, this breasted male will be fitted with a feminine-like womb, accessed through the navel for the purpose of implanting previously artificially inseminated human boeing eggs, the whole designed to bring a baby to term.


Mongolian NATSIS and Thibetan SAINTS are waiting for the THURSDAY ISLAND boat.

The SculPTor