Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Philosopher's Stone

It was the doctrine of the alchemist, that there was a certain mineral, the discovery of which was the object of their art, because, being mixed with the baser metals, it would transmut these into gold. This mineral, known only to the adepts, they called lapisphilosophorum, or the philosopher's stone. Hitchcock, who wrote a book in 1857, (Alchemy and Alchemists,) to maintain the proposition that alchemy was a symbolic science, that its subject was Man, and its object the perfection of men, asserts that the philosopher's stone was a symbol of man. He quotes the old Hermetic philosopher, Isaac Holland, as saying that "though a man be poor, yet may he very well attain unto it [the work of perfection,] and may be employed in making the philosopher's stone."

And Hitchcock, (p.76,) in commenting on this, says: "That is every man , no matter how humble his vocation, may do the best he can in his place - may 'love mercy, do justly, and walk humbly with God;' and what more doth God require of any man?"

If this interpretation be correct, then the philosopher's stone of the alchemist, and the spiritual temple of the Freemasons are identical symbols.

An Encyclopedia of Freemasonry: By Albert Mackey, M.D. 1894 (Pg. 579)

Each letter of the alphabet is a Philosophers Stone.The shape-shifted lowercase "S" of the Desdemona typeface is the Holy Grail / Graal (the pictogram is a symbol of the uterus implant designed for a male hermaphrodite).

Note the "PH" link between alPHabet, PHilosoPHer, HermaPHrodite, PHarmacist, ShePHerd. Then, you will overstand the importance of "HP"; Hewlett Packard who let the dogs out~!

Phoenicians are an admixture of Sea Peoples, ShePHerd Kings and Canaanites. Before moving on to Carthage they gave up Canaan to the Hittite/Hebrews, who are otherwise known as the Hycsos and were being evicted from Egypt. Before settling down in Canaan the Hebrews were given a 40 year refresher course on what was expected of them, by the Horites (God - Top Dog Priests), at Mount Sinai.

Fat-ima = Fat I am = Phat/Ptah (God of Zoro-Astrian/Zoro-Babel Freemasonry)as in Top Hat or Frigian Tuqes, etc.