Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Descendent Masters came down from mountains

The old man of the mountain who's name appears in ancient stories of Mesopotamia and Persia is in fact the real life "gatekeeper" to the underground world of the Descended Masters. These masters are the troglodytes who control all the world's secret societies - Freemasonry being just one of many such societies. For the longest time headquarters was Mount Ararat.

Above ground control over secret societies rests in the hands of predator priest. In the west that usually means the Roman Catholic clergy. Less influential but not to be discounted are the German bankers who control the alchemical industries. These would include the chemical companies and the pharmaceutical companies who process and distribute both legal and illicit drugs. These drug empires originated in the Middle East with the control over the distribution of the drug called hashish, their main product. That is why the politics of Germany are to this date still being dominated by Persian politics and financing from the middle east.

Roman Catholic priesthoods were modeled on the ancient priesthoods of Assyria and Judea. In the west however, the illusion which was created here is one that insists upon a public perception of a division between church and state. This created the illusion between two competing factions. This illusion is what has confused most people. In fact predator priests have never given up control over the world. Even Masonry, at the high levels, is dominated by its priests.

Freemasonry encyclopedias, including the photographs contained therein, depict the secret ranking order of power within Freemasonry. The high preist always stands at the center of a ruling threesome. He is obviously in charge. Next, the king, who represents the public's perception of power, stands to the right of the high priest. Then, on the left, is the scribe. He represents the very powerful position which is held by the media in western society. This power from illusion. Because media appears to be totally independant of the governing political system they are able to fool most people most of the time.

A "free press is much more able to mislead the public without being caught than is one which is clearly identified with the governing body. It's a Machiavellian principle, or law, that defines how to control the masses. It was advocated by an Italian adviser of the same name, in 1513.

Sometimes do you feel like I did, that you've been had as well? That's the way i felt until I systematically investigated Freemasonry. It took 13 years to discover how they do it and why.

The Kealey Papers *Issue 17* January to May, 2000