Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Hittites

Hittite origin is documented in the long genealogical record of the first book of Chronicles; a mine of historic treasure. The list is partially concealed. It contains all the great Hittite names of the ancient world, from 4004 BC to the birth of Jaques, who is symbolic of western Freemasonry (J&a are Ques/clues. J is U.)

Hittites constitute the substratum of all early civilizations. The Turanian element that came into prominence in the days of the Egyptian Hycsos (Shepard Kings), that underlay the culture of the empires on the Tigris and Euphrates, that proceeded israel's occupancy of Palestine, that filled Syria and Asia Minor, that gave to Greece her mythology and sacred rites, and, overflowing into Illyria (Austria), Italy, Spain and Britain, bore the Iberic and Pictish name, now only recognizable in the Basques of the Pyrenees; that element on which the Persian Cyrus built his first Aryan empire, and which, volcano like, broke forth in Parthian (Iranian) days, that preceeded the Brahman in Northern India, that in early Christian centuries, traversed Turkestan and peopled the Siberian wastes, that two centuries turned Chian into Cathay, and still occupies Korea and the islands of Japan; that Turian element, that reproduced the mounds of European Scythia (Russia), of Syria and the Caucasus, of India and Siberia, moreover, that, driven by advers fortue, crossed the Northern Pacific into the New World of the Dacotah and the Mohawks, on level praires and the alluvium of rivers from Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico, that founded the empires of Mexico and Peru, and that lives in many an Idian tribe from the frozen north to the southern land of fire, os the Hittite.

The Zuzim are the senior branch of the Hittite clan. They are the gate keepers of "the mountain door". They defined the 6000 languages of the world, begginning with Khitan according to the laws of numerical and phonetic change. If anak in whose presence tht Mosad and other spies of the money changers are as grasshoppers. The canaan became a land of milk and honey, or, in other words, a region of grass and flowers, was no doubt du largely to the labors the Hittite pioneers, who caused even such a desert as Palmyra to blossom as the rose.

The first and only religion of the Hittite is. and always has been, premised on the step by step concept of time unlimited; nd to this day, it remains the supreme deity of all dualist Zarvanite Zoroastrians.

The Kealey Paper *Issue 21-3* October to January 2002