Monday, March 30, 2009

Precession and the ZODIAC

"Precession" is described in the dictionary as a noun meaning: The motion of the axis of rotation of a spinning body (e.g. a gyroscope) about a line that makes an angle with it, so as to describe a cone. It is caused by a torque acting on the rotation axis to change its direction, and is a motion continuously at right angles to the plane of the torque causing it and the angular momentum vector of the spinning body.

"Pre" is described as: beforehand (preparatory to) before, in front of (in location, order of importance or degree etc.).

The dictionary also describes the word "cession" as: the act of ceding or giving up (such things as land, property, rights etc.). It's a word originating from a root in the French language.

Now, have you guessed what the ancient Freemasons meant when they first designed and named the signs and degrees of the Zodiac? Think about it, a cone sucks in to its base. It never blows out, unless it's a trumpet that makes noise - to announce their arrival! A precession is a funnel that sucks in all of the resources which were intended to be your birthright. It gives Freemasonry's leaders much pleasure, or "fun", as in funnel. Unquestionably, Zodiac signs are the visible public symbols of their Master's plan to take away you "land, property, rights, etc.".

Freemasonry created the vortex that caused cartels to come about. This called "involution". It reverses Creation's "evolution". They are the revolutionaries. That's why the Zodiac begins with "Aries".

In Masonic hieroglyphics an O stands for Original Peoples, while an X means "to be abolished or eliminated". being an X makes one irrelevant. Simply put, a "beast of burden".

Also, is it any wonder that the O is included within the design of the second symbol in the Zodiac which is Taurus?

As with time on the clock, the smallest unit being "a second", the coded message must be that the second is really the first!

This would also explain why, in the military, Colonels know more about what is really going on than do Generals; in business, Chief Financial Officers (CFO's); in organized religion, Arch Bishops know more than Cardinals, and finally; in politics, Deputy Ministers know more than Ministers.

As well, the 5th symbol of the Zodiac, Leo, being the true mark of Masons, describes this priciple to a T, while the 4th symbol, that which sigifies Equilibrium, describes only the illusion. It's much the same with the months of the year, where April, the 4th month, symbolizes April Fools, while May, the 5th month, is the month that gave birth to such earth shattering events as the establishment of the Illuminati and Communism. May is also the month of Mary in the Catholic church. Mary is Freemasonry's coded word for Mar is Y. It means the sea (mara) is the original androgynous, hermaphrodite, virgin mother.

Also, did you ever wonder why women are said to have X chromosomes while men have both X and Y? Could it be that X is "the mark of the beast" which is spoken about in the Bible, in John's "Revelations"? (Bible is really "le bib" - two words meaning the Masonic apron). Afterall, anyone who sign their name with an X, would viewed by these E lites (lite E) as being of a lower class and ultimately irrelevant.

Think about it folks, we've all been had by the controllers of Freemasonry.

This is the plan for the end times
Can you read it?

The Kealey Paper *Issue 17* January to May, 2000