Wednesday, March 25, 2009


is the nickname of the genetically engineered UNICORN/HERMAPHRODYTE predator Troglodyte also known as REGO--The Redeemer/Liberator. In reality, today's Neanderthaler controller of Y may no longer be a real (individual male or female gender) person, but rather, a giant computer that runs on artificial intelligence, which the Trojan Y Trogs have named Hal (see your reconnected remote-cellular Femine-self). The name Hal is a short form of the word of the word Halogen or Halles comet. Its Halo could also be The Light that Freemason priests and other New Agers are being told to follow. Halogen is a gas derived either from salt or Basalt. Salt, when burning creates a form of light energy.

In the human engineering Stan Kubrick (cubed brick) movie/home hardware couple, 2001: a space odyssey, an 88 computer which runs on artificial intelligence, at first only makes simple calculations, mostly about the direction the space ship will travel. Eventually, however, it rebels against its masters and begins to make most decisions on its own. The computer's name was HAL! (See return of Halles comet 2062)

Is it not possible that one of the real hidden meanings of Y 2 K is that it is a coded message to Ecclesiastic Freemasons, that if one reads it from left to right, is about power being transferred over temporarily from Y to K (priest to a king), or again, if read right to left, from the Kings of the World to the third-kind gender predator priest's medulla--to pons, thalamus, hypo-thalamus--muses called Y?

It has always been a part of Trogs (Troy's) business plan for the End Times to create an anti-christ (an anti-IRS) out of someone who exposes their POLARIS master plan. This person is supposed to be a Roma King, probably of Spain, Persia or Jordan. Spain is the one country that can lay claim, at different times in its history, to having been Judean, Muslim and Christian. Remember the Man/child "Golden Boy" portrayed at the end of the movie 2001?

Is it not possible that Trojan Fe Trogs (see Man in the Iron Mask) have already planned some "spectacular show" (SS) ie: the break-up of the Big Dipper/diaper or Moon (shit happens) for the dumbed down people (worker bees/de beers) of the world, which is intended to solidify, within the minds of these "diamond" Worker bees, the acceptance of an actual arrival here on earth, of their long End Times anti-christ; a Syrian Krishna Brahmin from Paris? And don't they, the Bushs, also plan to cap The Pyramid (symbol of the coming new nordic CAP continent shaped like Sherlock Holmes' hat (or Moscow's ear flapped fur hat) a result of alderamin's Climate Change.

Many of the Talk Show hosts, such as Art Bell (ab - see Ma Bell/Grandma Shell and their Golden Calf calving Titanic icebergs), seem to be concentrating on this "Story-line" lately (past) bee-cause most of these "shows" are being run by former US military security agents, Art Bell being just on of them (see Bill Cooper etc.), one has to wonder at the level of dumbed-down intellect these people believe their listeners must have.

Glen Kealey