Sunday, March 22, 2009

Some words from the Freemason Encyclopedia

Politics is Religion Religion is Politics

Priory of Sion ALLEGORY
Allegorical works have this advantage; that a single word suffices to illumine connections which the multitude cannot grasp. Such works are available to everyone, but their significance addresses itself to an elite.

Above and beyond the masses, sender and receiver understand each other. The inexplicable success of certain works derives from this quality of allegory, which constitutes not mere fashion, but a form of esoteric communication.

- forty-seventh problem of Pythagoras

- The Boston Tea Party was entirely Masonic carried out by members of St. John's Lodge.

- Most of the leaders from Mexico have been Freemasons, including Simon Bolivar.

- freedoms for all the people from political or ecclesiastical tyranny(thesis - antithesis - synthesis).

- so gradually and slowly unfold our potencies.

- stoned to the people - then in revolt.

- Magi, regarded as a general name for the antique priesthood.

- went down into the underworld.

- Egypt was the conventional fountain-head for the earlier Masonic literature.

- West of China, the earliest alchemical codices are of Byzantine origin and belong to fourth century, A.D.

- for everywhere in this world there are men and women who are preparing and shaping themselves as living stones.

- our Colleges and Universities could be said to wear our likeness.

- brought the four quarters together and the Himalayas and Andes touched; which connected ancient and modern Freemasonry.

- identical with the Druses, who were identical with Druids and Culdees; not to be distinguished from the Kurds: in religious consanguinity with Manicheans and by no means remote from Buddhists.

- The people of the mountains paid tribute to the Templars.

- It cannot be said that the Old Man of the Mountains and his votaries were derivable or decent neighbours; but it is to be questioned whether Templars were a marked improvement on them.

- They were Turks in dress, Sheiks of religion and Sheiks of government, who practised the rite of circumcision. Good believers become stars while unbelievers reincarnate as pigs or other animals.

- a house not made with hands, a stone rejected by builders...I think surely, there are some who have sat in his chair, knowing that the Keystone, the New Name and the House itself are Christ.

- a secret cipher said to have been in use among Brethren as a means of written communication, testing by means of folding paper, "reading the Stone", counting out odd numbers. The number three has references to the "Triune Deity". The number seven refers to the seven planets, seven Sabbatical years, seven years to build Solomon's Temple and its seven golden candlesticks. The number eleven was the founders of the twelve Tribes after Joseph was sold into Egypt (a Trojan Horse) and the twelve apostles after Judas (another Trojan Horse).

- a near relative of King Solomon whose name was Cavelum, four gates of the Temple at four Cardinal Points, laying a Stone over the North-Gateway, the fall of this stone and the destruction of Cavelum who was standing immediately under.

- Made a Louveteau or Lewls at a minimum age of 12 years.

- Adoption of Lowtons after age of seven years (baptism).

- Portugal has the case of John Coustos

- A Candidate shall "have his right limbs as a man ought to have" (A Phallic requirement to full membership).

- That which is lost on the surface is found in the hidden depths. Wise Hermetists (Gods of Merchants-Thieves-Orators) said: "Vista interiora terrae" (Visit the interior of the Earth).

- The path of a hidden life and the end in God.

- Ashmole's History of the Antiquities as with Francis Bacon's New Atlantis were published posthumously. Both led Masonry on a "reformation" that has resulted in the creation of the United States of America (Merica is the Masonic five point star) as the end piece in the plan for a New World Order. NWO must be in place prior to the Age of Aqarius (aqua-water), in 2025.

- The souls of good men are liberated from there bodies by death, and being absorbed in the Divine Essence are no longer reincarnated on earth. But the souls of the wicked remain clothed by the four elements and - after a period of punishment - assume new bodies. Those who are niether wholly good nor bad suffer in proportion to their guilt than ascend into heaven, resuming flesh.