Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The (VI)KINGS (6 Kings) who preceded the Scots

"It appears from the northern chronicles that, Sigge, the chief of the Aser, an Asiatic tribe, emigrated from the Caspian sea and the Caucasus into northern Europe.

He directed his course northwesterly from the Black Sea to Russia over which, according to tradition, he placed one of his sons as a ruler, as he is said to have done over the Saxons and the Franks.

He then advanced through Cimbria and then to Denmark, which acknowledged his fifth son as its sovereign, and passed over to Sweden. He soon made himself master here, built Sigtuna as the capital of his empire, and promulgated a new code of laws, and established the sacred mysteries.

He, himself, assumed the name of Odin, founded the priesthood of the twelve Drottars (Druids) who conducted the secret worship, and the administration of justice, and, as prophets, revealed the future.

The secret rites of these mysteries celebrated the death of Balder, the beautiful and lovely, and represented the grief of Gods and men at his death, and his restoration to life."

Quote from a 33 degree Freemason