Saturday, March 28, 2009

Knights Templar

They were first called:

"The Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon".

As with any Freemason activity, this name was necessary only to their public persona. Nothing in the name reflected the true activity of the Knights Templar. It was just a veil. The following is but a small list of their real work, which when taken together as a business plan can be styled as it really is: International Banking and Financial Services.

1 - they operated 900 manors all over Europe.
2 - they owned the mills and markets .
3 - they ships for trade and war.
4 - they owned the transport companies.
5 - they controlled the money business.
6 - they maintained safety deposit boxes.
7 - they were bill collection agents.
8 - they enforced tax collection.
9 - they ran a trust company.
10 - they mortgage bankers.
11 - they property managers.
12 - they funded ransom payments, for both sides.
13 - they issued the first paper money for public use in Europe.
14 - they owned the first model of "American Express"
15 - they operated a coding-decoding security system.
16 - they maintained an international intelligence network.

During its original 200 years of existence (1118-1314), before they were totally merged with Freemasonry, these Knights who called each other "brother" initiated over 20,000 nobles, who in turn merged their own resources into the communal pot. Hired administrators outnumbered them by as much as 50 to 1. Local staff were known as "Turcopoles" which translates to "The Turkish Po" (as in Poland and Police).

After their public dissolution the regular monks became "black robes" eventually they came to be known either as Cistercians or Jesuits, while the secular administrators became Freemasons. Meanwhile, in background, the "Persian Fatima-Sufis" of Iran, Syria and Iraq, still run the show.

The Kealey Paper *Issue 17* January to May, 2000