Thursday, March 26, 2009

Recalling your origin and understanding myth...

by: The Sculptor

Escaping Illusions

For many years now Western scholars have approached the study of myth from a viewpoint markedly different than that of the nineteenth century. Unlike their predecessors, who treated myth in the usual meaning of the word, that is, as "fable," "invention," "fiction," they now accept it as it was understood in the archaic (Masonic) societies, where, on the contrary, "myth" means a "true story" and, beyond that, a story that is most precious possession because it is sacred, exemplary and significant.

Australian totemic myths tell how, in the "Dreams Time" - that is in the mythical time - "Troglodytes made their appearance on the surface of the earth and set out on long journeys, stopping now and again to change the landscape and to produce certain animals and plants, and finally vanished underground."

The definition of the word "Troglodyte" according to the 1901 Concise English Dictionary - Literary Scientific and Technical - with a key to names in mythology, by Charles Annandale M.A. LL.D. who edited Ogilvie's "Imperial Dictionary" is: A troglodyte from a cavern; a cave-dweller; a name given by the ancient Greeks to the cave dwellers of the Red Sea and the Upper Nile; hence, one living in seclusion. (They guided the Greek and other military expeditions).

By virtue of the recollection of humanity's origin ("birth place") we can defend ourselves against programming by Masonry's elite and can handle life without being hurt any more than necessary.

But knowledge of one's own former lives - that is, of one's total personal history - bestows even more. They who can understand their "birth" (origin) and past lives (the periods made up of a considerable series of different events undergone during the life ) succeed in freeing themselves from the elites bee like conditioning; in other words, they, unlike the vast majority of peopl on the planet, become masters of their own destiny.

Glen Kealey: Issue 16