Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The men who dare to wear dresses in public

by:Glen Kealey

Cross dressing, male, pedophile priests, the ancient cave dwelling predators sponsor and control the most secretive of all brotherhoods -FREEMASONRY - as they carry out their 60,000 year old war on women and on the original peoples.

Monarchs, priests, Arabs, politicians, lawyers, judges and members of military or police brotherhoods, along with a great number of other males "bachelors" who graduate from university wearing dresses, control our lives. At one time some politicians were even required to to wear female wigs on the job.

They abide by this symbolism to affirm their obedience, to the powerful GREAT WHITE "I AM" BROTHERHOOD that guarantees Freemasons regular employment and a big fat paycheck at the end of every week.

Did you believe that these politicians, judges and lawyers who refuse to enact tougher anti-pedophile law were just nice guys who care deeply for all their fellow men, and therefore, have demonstrated their solemn respect for other peoples' gay rights?

Enola Gay was the name of the U.S. airplane that carried and dropped the first bomb on Japan, in 1945.

Mirror imaging is one of the seven veils, or codes, used by the Troglodyte sponsors of Freemasonry. In this case the word Gay can be pronounced first, followed by the word Enola. Enola is the word "alone" which, here, is spelt backwards. The inference that may be derived from this name being printed on this plane in particular, was to mark the beginning of a period in time when atomic boms would make it possible for Gay, Serial Predator Priests to finally rule this world of ours "alone". It marked their "coming out", the 90 year final stage of a 10,000 year old "Trog inspired" plan to create a New World Order.

To get there, the Troglodyte followers of the Liberator "Y", who is also known as "The Light" due to its Halogen origin, had first used an arm(y) an arm of "Y" - from Armenia and sol-diers;"diers" were ready to die for Sol - their Sun God.

Gay predator priests have ruled the world from their monasteries up until two hundred years ago. Recently they insisted that they be allowed to run the world from outsid the confides of the monastery. Therefore, the public push for more and more "Gay Rights". Regular Gays serve as veils for these predator's activities in the same way as Catholics hide the real actions of the Vatican or that 33 degree Freemasons unwittingly cover up for the higher 57 degrees.