Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Romans

The first Romans (the Etruscans) appear in 1044 B.C.

They came out of Asia Minor into Italy and were of the same family as the Palestinian Hittities (Hebrews). The connection of these people with King Solomon's Temple on the other hand, and with the Comacines (the cathedral builders of Europe) on the other, is that , at the time of the building of the Temple, here were a people in Italy, Asia Minor and in Syria, all of one race (breed), all initiated, working in their own style (influenced more or less by Assyria and Egypt) involved, so far as the Syrian branch is concerned, in the building of the Temple, and having descendants in the Druces (later, the Druids of England).

The Etruscan branch of the people taught the early Romans, who in turn developed their colleges, and ultimately beacme the Comacine Guild who wore badges and made marks which linked to King Solomon.

The common denominator is that they were all descendants of the ancient Abyssinians - Jubal Troglodyte Freemasons. They built Europe's "Abbeys".