Saturday, March 28, 2009


By: Tom Byberg and Glen Kealey

Baseball is the number one spectator sport in America.

The game of baseball starts with a pitcher a pitching a ball. A man holding a pitcher of wateer is the symbol in the Zodiac (Troglodyte-Freemason calendar) used to identify the age of Aquarius which we were told, by no less than George Washington, is to begin in the year 2025.

To be a pitcher also means "to pitch her". If the batter misses with the bat he gets a strike and the catcher then catches the ball. Strikes usually mean hard times for women. A bat is an allegory for a "cave dweller", while a catcher can also mean "to catcher her". Also, a cave dweller symbolically lives down a well". This is where "the oracles were heard", at Delphi. This is also why today's U.S. "political" Senators speak to us from "the well of Senate".

When the bat makes contact with the ball (a testacle), the play (stage play), then moves on to first base. For the purpose of their End Times allegory, first base could mean World War 1 (WWI). Then, the play moves on to second base (WW2). Next, the "defensive game" is controlled by the short stop (SS during WWII, or the "Shape Shifters" of today - see the current popularity of british entertainer "conspiracy theorist", David Icke. His name, D. Icke, sounds like "dyke". It is an allegory for "a dam" whose main purpose is to stop and redirect "the flow", and/or, it is aname most often used to describe a "lesbian", a female homosexual. Homosexuality was a legal method of birth control used by ancient Greeks.

Finally, players, at the proper moment, make their way to third base (WWIII), from where they run back home (Trogs plan their return to earth from the space station following seven years of nuclear war and global warming, to begin their "one thousand years of peace").

Baseball is played on a diamond (as above so below). Home plate is in the dual shape of a Masonic apron and the three outfielders - left, center and right - provide the illsuion of competion (the reality is, as with sides of a Pyramid, they are on the same team "at the top").

The Kealey Paper *Issue 16* September to December 1999