Monday, March 23, 2009

Observe - Analyze - Conclude

Most people who claim to seek truth really only want confirmation nof those things they already believe.

Truth would require that they abandon their "comfort zones" and do something concrete - to make real change in their lives.

Truth cannot stand on authorites and I leave you to your own conclusions to accept or reject, as these truths seem to appeal to you.

Do not accept because I say so.

Do not reject because my statements are not in accord with recognized science.

Only the naive still believe that one can find truth in a public library.

Searching for truth in a public library is very much like standing in front of a movie set at Paramount Studios.

Because of a need for human engineering, what one sees is illusion.

When searching for "truth" one should sneak into their National Archives and rummage through the actual documents. Also, get help from experts in ancient languages.

This is like being behind a movie set at Paramount Studios.