Monday, March 30, 2009

Breaking the Codes

The following are Freemasonry's "two secret keys", the gold and silver keys. They can be used only by those who understand allegory and need to decipher the Predator Priests' agenda for the End Times.

They first key is the word Liber which, in the Mason dictionary, means "The Book". The Book is the second book depicted in Masonry's important symbols. It is shown as an open book (Enoch - The Book of Truth) with the words " I am the truth" printed on it. One allegory for this symbol is "The Book of Ruth", which itself is found in the Bible.

The Book of Ruth is a tale about two women, This book relates to Freemasonry's step by step systematic plan, ie: Seduction and Tenacity lead to land acquisitions. The Book of Ruth also includes a second level of symbolism. Where Ruth is arrived at by ignoring the the first "T" in truth, it also reveals "a symbol within a symbol". By dropping the letter "R", in Ruth, we arrive at Uth, which phonetically converts to Youth, and eventually to Uth-a, the current home state of the Mormons.

Liber is also the root word of Liber-als, of Liber-a-tion and of Liber-ace. These words are all symbols of the newly grafted gender which is to be introduced in the End Times by the Predator Priests who secretly control Masonry's B-r-ass. HER-MA-PHRO-DITE is the name of this new gender that will merge both male and female, mother and father, into a single body. It is symbolized Scottish Rite Freemasonry;s two headed eagle. This is symbolic of the new species which the Predator Priests expect will eventually assure them "Eternal Life", by taking them into the universe, past our solar system. They plan to terra form on a new plan-et located with the beneficial range of a younger sun (youth). This the Masonic solution to creating Eternal Life. The word Predator is symbolic of their journey - it "predates gold". Silver is #2 and in Masonry #2 is always more important then #1.

The second key is the word Tor. It means Hill or Rocky Peak, as is found in both Devon and Cornwall. Devon was the name used by Former Prime Minister Brian Mulrony on his secret Swiss bank account. Peaches and cream corn symbolizes the result obtained from grafting two different strands of DNA. As well, the word Torahis symbolic of the number 5 which itself, is symbolic of Freemasonry. It stands for the first five books of the Bible, the Mason Bib, or apron. It may be very sigificant that Tor Bay is located 5 miles north from St. John's Newfoundland. Also, a Torch, as it is used in the Olympics, is a symbol which refers to the secret Mission of Tor. "Tor" is also a root of the name Toronto (onto Tor).

Tori, is of Torus, which is a "donught shaped chamber". It signifies the underground Troglodyte network which is being used by Predator Priests, since "Time Immemorial" Finally, a Tory is a Jacobite. The name identifies those who share power with the ancient Predator Priests #2 is #1.

The Kealy Paper *Issue 17* January to May, 2000