Friday, March 27, 2009

Hermes (Her is me) Masons are creating the new....

Hermaphrodite #1

A "hermaphrodite" is one who is capable of producing another being from himself without intercourse with any other. To make women irrelevant is the the ultimate mission of the leaders of Freemasonry. Rosicrucians state: "Inner perception cannot be fully regained until man has passed to the stage where it is no longer necessary to have a partner in generation, and he has reached the development where can again utilize his whole creative force at will. Then he will again know himself as he did during his stage of plant like existence, but with all important difference that he will use his creative faculty consciously, and will not be restricted to using it solely for procreation of his own species, but may create whenever he will. Neither will he use his own present organs of generation, but the larynx will speak the creative word as directed by the spirit through the coordinating mechanism of the brain. Thus the two organs built by half the creative forces will in time be the means whereby man will eventually become an independent self conscious creator."

Jesus Christ becomes Je Suis Christ who then becomes I Am Christ, all with a little help from our friends the Jesuits.

"Material scientists have labored for many years in an endeavor to "create life, but they will succeed until they learn the secrets of the Brotherhood. Such is the wise (Y's) decision of the Elder Brothers, who guard this and all the deep secrets of Nature until they decide that man is fit to use them." The Sculptor

Rosicrucian philosophy clearly state it as a law: "No progress is ever made that is not gained at the cost of some previously possessed faculty, which is later regained in a higher form. Man built "brain" at the expense of the temporary loss of the power to bring forth offspring from himself alone; he obtained hisreasoning power at the cost of the temporary loss of his spiritual insight."

What could such a clear message mean, other than Masons believe that Man was andrgynous-hermaphrodite (Y to Y) and that their mission is to reinstate that condition, prior to sending Man out to explore and terra - form the universe?

Glen Kealey: Issue 16