Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Freemasonry's Big Secrets they don't want you to know

by Glen Kealey

- The ancient priests had complete control over millions of ignorant men and women who had been taught, since childhood, that these robed and bearded patriarchs were messengers from "God".

- Today, these shifty Priests are still surrounded by hundreds of symbols which others cannot understand.

- There are over twenty crucified world Saviors. It is the religious symbolism of over 40 peoples.

- All "sacred writings" are coded with "seven seals".

- The Essenes who educated Jesus were Egyptian.

- He became "the sun", and His twelve disciples, the twelve signs of the Zodiac (13 = 4).

- Ancient Qabbalistic writers analyse the meaning of each word's symbolism, while we modern "abbalists" now analyze the symbolic meaning of English letters.

- Heaven is supposed to be "above", however, due to the rotation of the earth, up and down change places.

- Initiates climb the ladder (spine) "to the top of the mountain" (brain), entering a domed room with a hole in the floor. This is frontal-lobes where wisdom resides.

- The Trinity, or "triune man", is the brain, the heart and sexual organs - each is symbolized by one of the first three degrees of Freemasonry. The two frontal-lobes were once called Cain and Abel. Together, they were responsible for maintaining total "equilibrium".

- The pine-al gland is "the tail of the dragon" with a finger-like extension at the end called a "holy spear", much like the tail of a rattler (shake-spear). It is the connecting link between old and new.

- The "spine-al" column is a 33 step ladder which is sometimes called "the Serpent", magician's wand, or, Sceptre. This is the winged staff of Her-me's. Twisted around it winds two serpents; one black - one white.

- Kundalini (solar plexus), is serpentine gas, or force.

- The link between the brain and sex organs is due to the spine (a shape-shifting pine) which connects them.

- The tonsils are directly connected with the reproductive system. They are part of the positive pole located in the brain. Their removal is nothing less than planned human re-engineering.

- Masons teach that their one Supreme Ruler, the one they call "God", is the little bit of consciousness in each man whom they entice to say - "I am".

- Top ranking Masonry believes that most men have become as dense as stones, useful only to be used as building block; because they fail to understand that the highest expression of life is the power of giving still another life to the world.

- These ancient Freemasons, themselves being bachelor priests, "men-who-wear-dresses", set out to make all future men "androgynous" or, in other words, bisexual worker bees. When Masons finally have their way, all Original peoples, all women (x), as well as, all men who have dared to support either, are destined to be decertified, labelled as "useless eaters", and, eliminated.

- The liver is the key to red blood. The name Lucifer is a name for hot, disfunctional, blood. To have a liver is to live. "Live" spelt backwards is Evil and the word Lived becomes Devil. Red (Roth) is the colour for war. Yellow (Gold) is a vitalizer, while Blue is the colour given to controllers. Green (Yellow with Blue) is the colour given to Masonic initiates (Greenland). White means armour, while Black stands for Black Magic.

- The sea (Meru-Mara-Mary) was the virgin Mother. First Life (in this sea of amniotic fluid) was born out of the mouth of a fish and then rose to land on the back of a turtle (reptile). Still later, Life appeared as a boar, then a lion and finally, as a monkey. Life then evolved into primitive Man (the 6th step). The womb is the Garden of Eden and is represented by the letter "O".

Next, it was primitive Men who had first "discovered" fire (the Lumerians #7) in Ethiopia who were replaced by the nomadic African hunter-foragers. They had "discovered" the Atlantic ocean (the Atlanteans #8), while following the setting-sun in the west. Finally, a "light-skinned test-tube variety (the Aryans #9) made a first appearance in Georgia's Caucuses Mountains. Considering creation unfinished, they became "Gods".

- These Aryans are featured in Chapter 2 of Genesis. Using shape-shifted Genes they began to work on a "New World Order", re-engineering men to mass-produce themselves, along the line of bees in a beehive; where male worker-bees are reconfigured later in life to bear children without the assistance of a female. (With Adam, reportedly, his rib was removed and an artificially inseminated egg obtained from a test-tube was implanted into a pouch filled with man-made amniotic fluid the (elixir of life}. Nine months later, a prototype male baby, Tubal Cain, was finally delivered in Baby-Ion). To Freemasons their enterprise was, at least to that point, considered to "bee a success".

- Masons say that "new-man" is not born all at once. They say that he is born by degrees. At nine months "man is born pre-maturely". He still requires some "modifications". Freemasons say that the "spiritual consciousness", the true "I am", does not really take hold until the twenty-first year when thoughts begin to move away from the lower sexual centres. However, for Freemasons life only begins at forty - after twenty years of devoted, obedient service to their cause - that is, a male-only bee-hive-like world. Masons who live long enough get to play through many "childhoods".

- Among Masonic symbols the beehive is called the "symbol of industry". No wonder, each worker is a "dumbed-down" bee who works for free ...trade. When extracting honey from the pollen these worker-bees do all the work, while the shifty "priests" live the good life inseminating their bisexual-androgynous "queen".

- In Masonry "the Lost Word" is a password. This password is DESDEMONA. She is the "dumb wife" in Shakespear's play Othello who took all the blame for everything that went wrong in HIS life. The word Desdemona means "destroy the demon female".

- Ladies, don't you think it's time you woke up long enough to send your Mason to the couch. A few weeks of "solitaire" should re-focus his critical reasoning. The abuse of your mental, physical or spiritual powers results in the murder of your energy. Don't let this abuse continue. Take hold of your own life and, slowly, the whole world around you will return to sanity.

- After ten thousand years of Freemasonry isn't it time that we, both men and women, took back our personal political power from the "Troglodytes" and recreate the paradise that we once had here on earth.

The SculPtor