Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I AM not Braindead

Freemason Religion

The Northern Seer, Swedborg, advised people to search for the LOST WORD among the hierophants of Tartary, China and Thibet.

The grandoise poetry of the four Vedas;

the Books of Hermes;

the Chaldean Book of Numbers;

the Nazarene Codex;

the Kabala of the Tanaim;

the Sepher Yetzira;

Solomon's Book of Wisdom

the secret treatise on Muhta and Badha;

the Brahmanas and;

the Stan-gyour of the Thibetans;

all of these volumes have the same ground work. Varying in allegories they teach the same secret doctrine - the Ultimate Thule.

Freemason Holy Books

The Bible as much as the Vedas or the Buddhist Scriptures, can only be understood and thoroughly sifted by the light of the Hermetic Philosophy.

That veil cannot be withdrawn at the will of the teacher only. It depends on the listeners, whether they will also remove the veil which is "upon their hearts"

Truth is known but to a few; the rest, unwilling to withdraw the veil from their own hearts, imagine it binding the eyes of their neighbors.

Freemason Canals

Egyptians were far better acquainted with hydrostatics and hydraulic engineering than ourselves. The gigantic work of turning the course of the Nile - or rather its three principle branches - and bringing it to Memphis was accomplished during the reign of Menes.

"Menes took accurately the measure of the power he had to oppose, and he constructed a dyke whose lofty mounds and enormous embankments turned the water eastwards, and since that time the river is contained in its new bed."

He caused an artificial lake, a vast reservoir, measuring 450 miles in circumference and 300 feet in depth to be created (Lake Moeris).

The Romans, at far later period got heir notions on hydraulic construction from the Egyptians. Venice was reclaimed from the sea by Mason builders, and later, the same technology was applied to the construction of the Zider Zee, a long sam that made possible the articially created country called Holland, the Netherlands.

Freemason Tarzan

"As", in Syria, Palestine and India, meant the sky, life and the sun at the same time; the sun being considered by the ancient sages as the great magnetic well of the universe.

The softened pronunciation of this word is AH - for "the S continually softens to H from Greece to Calcutta. Ah is Iah, Ao and Iao. God tells Moses his name is "I am" (Ahiah), a reduplication of Ah or Iah. The word "As" or Ah, or Iah means life or existence, and is evidently the root of the word akdsha, which in Hindustand is pronounced akasha the life priciple, or Divine life giving fluid or medium. It is the Hebrew ruah and means the 'wind", or will in motion.

This will creates; for the will in motion is force and force rearranges or materializes matter.

Like attracts like; greed for money, impure purposes and selfish views cannot attract any other than devils of error, or Asiah, who reside in the fourth world.

Freemason Phoenicians

"The free trading Phoenicians worshipped their God Baal". Their is derived from the Ph'Anakes, later coverted to Ananakes."

The Phoenicians became the Hittites and then, Hyk-sos, who were the direct descendants of the Hebrews or Israelites.

Centuries before Moses, the Hyk-sos had takendirect control of Egypt, leaving the Pharaoh to act as their puppet.

When the Egyptians regained control of their country, the Hyk-sos were made slaves.

These were the people yhat Moses, himself an ABoriginal Hyk-sos, after forty years, finally led to the "promised land".

Phoenicians were beyond any doubt an AEthiopian race; the present race of Punjaub are hybridized with Asiatic AEthiopians.

Herodotus traces the Hebrews to the Persian Gulf; and soth of that place were the Himyarites (the Arabians); beyond the early Chaldeans and Susinians, the great builders.

This seems to establish well their AEthiopian affinity. They were an Indian sect called kalani and their theology resembled that of Indians.

Judeans were the Yadus from Afghanistan.

The AEthiopian serpent worshippers came from the river Indus and settled near Egypt.