Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jesuit---Je Suis---I Am "Yes U it"!

"I am that I am". In French , "Je suis qui je suis".

Qui? Qui means "whom" in French. The answer for the Jesuits is obvious - Yes U it!

In the Middle East the modern letter J is pronounced as Y. It's Yerusalem, not Jerusalem. The name is pronounced Your U, Salem. There4, the real name of Freemasonry's controllers be "Yes U it" and not Jesuit, as pronounced in English.

The language of the MAYA, the native priests who lived in Central America was Quiche. The Maya were North America's first indigenous corporate pipe carriers. may is also the fifth month of the year. Thursday, (boys night out) is the fifth day of the week. The numb'er 5 is drawn by combing a right angle above a dome shape below. It is lying on its side. May is a big month with Freemasonry, because it is also the month of Mary, Communism and the illuminati; their creation.

The letters that make up Qui also appear in the name Algonquin. Qu appears in the name Quebec and Qu'appel, which is the valley by which Freemasons expect to divert Canadian fresh water from Manitoba (Manito-u-BA) in the first phase of diverting water to Colorado; through the Mulrony/Lafarge Grand Canal, Qui is also part of the name of the capital of Ecuador. Quito the Andes mountains of South America. This is the area where the Incas first appeared (incus is the hammer in your ear). They were followed by the Maya who in turn wer followed by the Aztecs. The Aztecs (as tex) became Texas.

The Jesuits were number two when the Spaniards looted, raped and pillaged Mexico. Twenty four million Mexicans died in seventy five years. They were also number two when the opium wars were taking place in China and south east Asia, and again, these Black Robes were number two when the French first came to Quebec. It was the land of Pontiac (which, in French, means....the pont ....iac

A second is the smallest unit of time. Ask yourself why (Y), on your clock, that a second is really the first? Isn't that just like a Jesuit, to always be numb'er 2?

The Kealey Paper *Issue 17* January to May, 2000