Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why is Y having so much success at out expense?

Multiple meaning of words materializes whose will?

If "will" is materialized when an idea is launched and then it has an effect on matter then what does in fact get materialized when....

You say the word "mother". Trogs Gods hear "moth-er" - a maker of moths - i.e.: bugs who follow the light.

You say the word "father". Trogs Gods hear "fat-her" - the male who makes her fat.

You say "Give me, or, I want a beer." Trog Gods hear "a be-er" - which translates to "a maker of bees."

You say "Amen." Trog Gods hear "Androgynous, or ab-used, or adept men."

You say "call in the Army". Trog Gods hear - "call in the Arm of Y".

You say "never forget our sol-diers". Trog Gods hear - the diers who died for the Sun God, Sol. No wonder they make us wear "Pop-pies" when they've made jam out of our fathers.

You say "Holland." Trog Gods hear "Hal-land" which means "Hal's land", a former home base for their A&E, the artificial - intelligence computer named Hal - it's an abbreviation taken from "halogen gas" which energizes the computer. (See the Stanley Kubrik flick 2001 - a space Odyssey).

You say "Success!". Trog Gods know that your're "sucking on cess", i.e.: a cesspool.

You say "Jesus Christ". Trog Gods know that what you are saying is "Je Suis Christ" - the French language equivalent to "I am Christ". The English language consists of approximately 60% French words. I Am is the Masonic statement which confirms "there is no other Christ, or Savior of my life, but me." And bee-cause you don't realize, by these words, that you willing the will of your controllers.

In fact the French words "Je Sus" really mean "I suck".


ST as saint or street=the way
AVE in Ave Maria=new way
POLICE=Lice on PO*
ARMY=Arm of Y
ADAM=A dam
David ICKE=Dyke
ASSET=My son's bum
BEN HUR=My son os her
BEHAVE=Bees have
PREDATOR=Pre-dates gold
HISTORY=HIGH Story/HIS-story/Y's story
ARCHIVE=Beehive and Ark
ASWAN=As one (dam)

*PO=Original Peoples

What is origin of the name of the Y's "think-tank"

TAV=Tau=Tau Cross=The Beast 666....and Tock=Talk
TAV is Talk...or again, "The beast is your talk" or language!

Glen Kealey: Issue 16