Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The first woman is genetically (DNA) dated at approx. 190,000 BC.

58,800 BC ~ The original sin. Pedophile Predators are evicted by the Clan Mothers from Matrial Clan Society, in Abyssinia and vow revenge on all women and original peoples.

...55,000 BC ~ Predators occupy caves in the Land of Punt (Somalia). From there they become Priests/Witch~Doctors, Mason Stone-cutters, Astronomers, Seafaring Navigators, Explorers, Shepherds, Traders, Kidnappers, Hijackers and Drug Peddling "Snake Oil" Chemists. They discover how to "bunt" (exploring with baby steps through underground caves, like rats, leaving a visible trail for the initiated to follow) and how to "punt" (exploring by boat, thereby leaving no visible trail).

...24,000 BC ~ Before the start of the last Ice Age, itself lasting 16,000 years to 8000 BC, Priests had discovered the true "centre of the world", at the South Pole, on an island continent they called Atlantis (Antarctica). It wasn't frozen then, the way it is today.

During the most recent ICE AGE the Priests perfected the Zodiac and the Astrolabe and used them to create a Calendar in order to "invent" time and also Language (mark of the Beast) to invade our brains, hands and voice boxes. Letters and other pictographs are the Philosophers' Stones.

...8,000 BC ~ following two major cataclysmic events on the surface, an earth crust displacement and an asteroid strike, the Priests formulated a plan to divide and conquer the Original Peoples; by using the surface of the earth as a Beta Test Site to develop both sides of war, famine, pestilence and disease before destroying the surface population; and then, moving to extend their POLITICAL SYSTEM, by means of SpaceCraft-flight, to the rest of the Universe.

....4,000 BC ~ The surface plan-ET began with the introduction at Mount Ararat--following two man-made floods that shape-shifted the lands in question, and the introduction of a more visibly recognizable agent - the Homo-SAPIAN Caucasian in Sumer--of controlled Organized Religion (Zarathustra), Militaries, Media, Agriculture, a Monetary system and Taxation (call me ISHMAEL). A second, slightly different, more perfected approach was then implemented in Egypt. The Pyramid, missing its capstone, is this plan's symbol.

....0 BC/AD ~ The introduction of a second "LOVE" religion called Christianity (Buddhism was the first), for the surface-dwelling SUCKERS (BEES) who will be sacrificed at the cross-roads of TIME (IT ME) and then be replaced by HOJO--following 2000 years of PEACE (2059-4000 BC)--the Third Kind Gender; the Male Hermaphrodite who had been genetically reengineered and retro-fitted with both a uterus and breasts (The Holy Graal).