Thursday, March 26, 2009

Honey Bees

Beer,The Beatles & Beethoven

Within the social honey bee com-munity the Queen bee lives a number of years, much longer than her offspring with whom she "shares" the beehive. The honey bee Queen id the only one who normally gives birth to baby bees although worker bees (hunters and gatherers) and the larger ground nesting bumble bees (mountain bees) are also capable of laying eggs that develop into males. The honey bee Queen (a male dressed as a woman) is not "in charge" of the hive in the political sense of the word as one might suspect. The honey bee Queen has undergone such exstensive structural modifications that it is no longer capable of field activities and is restricted to egg laying. In this task it is "serviced" by an elite priest like civil servant bee class called drones who remain with the Queen inside the beehive.

Being a drone or "priest bee" is the best job to be had in the community. They need not work in the normal sense of the word, however, they still get all of the benefits resulting frim the work done by the worker bees. Priestly drones also get to "educate and program" these androgynous boy worker bees from birth. What more could a male Gay predator priest want out of life than to "bee allowed to live in control and comfort?" These drones must surely "bee in Bee Heaven".

Yet doesn't this story sound strangely familiar? Is it not remarkably like the story of our human controllers; the priest, lawyers, judges, and other graduates etc., who wear dresses in public (they call their dresses by the original French name - robes).

Don't you sometimes get the feeling that you've been had? If not, its about time you did. The root word of abbeil, the french word for "Bee", is the same root as that used for the word Abbot, the high priests who run the Abbeys. And guess who brought you BEEthoven and the BEEtles? Also you must remember "the Alpha and Omega - the beginning and the end"? The Omega is the Greek beehive!