Sunday, March 29, 2009

Heer's Johnny ....Appleseed

Anyone who reads the story of Noah in the bible should understand that no boat of the size described could ever carry two of each animal on board, as the bible says. What you are in fact reading is an allegory.

An allegory is a story, play, poem or picture in which the meaning or message is represented symbolically, ie: if one slices an apple horizontally - the core creates a perfect five pointed star.

If two of each animal could be physically enclosed within a boat or ark what then is the symbolism of Noah's ark. The ark is symbolic of a container which has been grafted with the DNA or genetic materials that are essential to cloning life. Such is the symbolism of an apple and the seeds contained with its core. The apple is the "key".

Obviously, because of the detain given in the original Bible story, what we are dealing with here is survival of earthly forms, means of a method of transportation that would carry it from one world which is in peril to another safer world where it can be reestablished. Life can always be "born again", as long as it does not all perish in one place at one time, due to some totally natural, foreseeable calamity.

Such a calamity would come about when our sun dies or at a time of major "earth crust displacement". Life cannot live in one place in the universe forever. It is limited by the life span of the solar system in which it resides. And, since all solar systems die eventually, if one of life's species wants to live forever, then, life must take the necessary precautions - ie: by exploring other solar systems that are younger than ours. Once a new planet has been terra-formed it could provide a place of refuge for continuing life.

Such a journey, because of the vast distances involved, must be planned within the context of one way travel. A craft that would allow for the exploration to be successful is exactly the reason why Freemasonry is called the a "craft". It is the Craft that was designed and built in the Russian province of Georgia, next to Mount Ararat. This also why the ancient Caliphate of the Abbasides, the people who controlled Spain at one time, also created the movie making in their state of California. One of the first stars of Hollywood was a tough guy called George Raft. He was an allegory for a "Georgia raft".

A capsule that can carry seeds of life will, by necessity, be a live version of Johnny Appleseed. And, because the designers of this live model that will caryy human seeds are predator priests, they are using the coming opportunity of inter-stellar travel to clone Hermaphrodites for the job.

Freemasons are unknowingly creating the one vehicle that guarentees their own destruction. It's the International Space Station (ISIS). And we, the people of earth, are living out the last forty years of life as we know it and nobody who's in charge seems to care.

Kealey Paper *Issue 17* January to May, 2000