Monday, March 23, 2009

Freemasonry's Real Opinion about Women

The following is copied from the official encyclopedia of Freemasonry.


The Eastern Star says Brother Pike, is the Masonry of Adoption. It is in seven degrees. It is applied to those "side degrees" which are conferred on both males and females. The essential regulation prevailing in these degrees, is that they can be conferred only on Master Masons(and in some instances on Royal Arch Masons) and on their female relatives, the peculiar relationship differing in the different degrees.

Thus, there is a degree generally called a "Mason's Wife", which can be conferred only on Master Masons, their wives, unmarried daughters and sisters, and their widowed mothers. Another degree called "Heroine of Jericho", is conferred only on the wives and daughters of Royal Arch Masons; and the third, the only one that has much pretension of ceremony or ritual, is the "Good Samaritan" whose privileges are confined to Royal Arch masons and their wives.

The fact is, that by their friends as well as their enemies these so called degrees have been greatly misrepresented. When females are told that in receiving these degrees they are admitted into the Masonic Order, and are obtaining Masonic information, under the name of "Ladies' Masonry", they are simply deceived. When a woman is informed that, by passing through the brief and unimpressive ceremony of any one of the degrees, she has become a Mason, the deception is still more gross and inexcusable. But it is true that every woman who is related by consanguinity to a Master Mason is at all times and under all circumstances peculiarly entitled to Masonic protection and assistance. Now, if the recipient of an androgynous degree is candidly instructed that, by the use of these degrees, the female relatives of Masons are put in the possession of the means of making there claims known by what we call oral testimony which, unlike a written certificate, can be neither lost nor destroyed; but that, by her initiation as a "Mason's Wife" or as a "Heroine of Jericho", she is brought no nearer to the inner portal of Masonry than she was before - if she is honestly told this , then there can hardly be any harm, and there may be some good in these forms if prudently bestowed. But all attempts to make Masonry of them, and especially that anomalous thing called " Female Masonry", are reprehensible, and are well calculated to produce opposition among the well informed and cautious members of the Fraternity.

A woman could scarcely have been required to swear that she "would not take her fellow's wife in villainy", nor make anyone a Mason unless "he has his right limbs as a man ought to have". A woman might be a female grocer or haberdasher, but she could hardly perform the duties of a female builder.

"So mote it be"

Freemasonry's first secret mission was to disempower the women of the world.

Women were created first the EVE of Adam.

Since time immemorial women had directed matriarchal clan based societies that limited the power of gay priests.

Lilith was the real name of Adam's wife.

Lilith was later portrayed as a harlot, by the gay Priests of FREEMASONRY, in order to demonize women as a whole.

A patriarchal system was then imposed upon the world

Who are the Freemasons that control National Politicians, Press and Police?

90 Degrees of Egyptian Freemasonry

I Series - Symbolic

1st class

01 - Apprentice

02 - Fellow-Craft

03 - Master

2nd class

04 - Secret Master

05 - Perfect Master

06 - Master through Curiosity

07 - Provost and Judge or Irish Master

08 - English Master

3rd class

09 - Elect of Nine

10 - Elect of the Unknown

11 - Elect of Fifteen

12 - Perfect Elect

13 - Illustrious Elect

4th class

14 - Scottish Trinitarian

15 - Scottish Fellow Craft

16 - Scottish Master

17 - Scottish Panisiere

18 - Master Ecossais

19 - Ecossais of the Three J.J.J.

20 -Ecossais of the Sacred Vault of James

21 -Ecossais of St. Andrew

5th class

22 - Little Architect

23 - Grand Architect

24 - Architecture

25 - Apprentice Perfect Architect

26 - Fellow-Craft Perfect Architect

27 - Master Perfect Architect

28 - Perfect Architect

29 - Sublime Ecossais

30 - Sublime Ecossais of Heroden

6th class

31 - Grand Royal Arch

32 - Grand Ax

33- Sublime Knight of Election, Chief of the First Symbolic Series

II Series - Philosophic

7th class

34 - Knights of Sublime Election

35 - Prussian Knight

36 - Knights of the Temple

37 - Knights of the Eagle

38 - Knights of the Black Eagle

39 - Knights of the Red Eagle

40 - White Knight of the East

41 - Knights of the East

8th class

42 - Commander of the East

43 - Grand Commander of the East

44 - Architecture of the Sovereign Commanders of the Temple

45 - Prince of Jerusalem

9th class

46 - Sovereign Prince Rose Croix of Kilwinning anf Heroden

47 - Knight of West

48 - Sublime Philosopher

49 - Chaos the first, discreet

50 - Chaos the second, wise

51 -Knight of the Sun

10th class

52 - Supreme Commander of the Stars

53 - Sublime Philosopher

54 - First Degree of the Key of Masonry, Minor

55 - Second Degree, Washer

56 - Third Degree, Bellowsblower

57 - Fourth Degree, Caster

58 - True Mason Adept

59 - Sovereign Elect

60 - Sovereign of Sovereigns

61 - Grand Master of Symbolic Lodges

62 - Most High and Most Powerful Grand Priest Sacrificer

63 - Knights of Palestine

64 - Grand Knight of the White and Black Eagle

65 -Grand Elect Knight Kadosh

66 - Grand Inquiring Commander, Chief of the Second Series

III Series - Mystical

11 class

67 - Benevolent Knight

68 - Knight of the Rainbow

69 - Knight Chanuka, called Hynaroth

70 - Most Wise Israelitish Prince

12th class

71 - Sovereign Prince Talmudim

72 - Sovereign Prince Zadkim

73 - Grand Haram

13th class

74 - Sovereign Princes Haram

75 - Sovereign Princes Hasidim

14th class

76 - Known only to the Possessors and Troglodytes

77 - Grand Inspector Intendant, Regulator General of the Order, Chief of the Third Series

IV Series - Kabbalistic

15th and 16th classes

78 - Known only to the Possessors and Troglodytes

79 - Known only to the Possessors and Troglodytes

80 - Known only to the Possessors and Troglodytes

81 - Known only to the Possessors and Troglodytes

82 - Known only to the Possessors and Troglodytes

83 - Known only to the Possessors and Troglodytes

84 - Known only to the Possessors and Troglodytes

85 - Known only to the Possessors and Troglodytes

86 - Known only to the Possessors and Troglodytes

17th class

87 - Sovereign Grand Princes, constituted Grand Masters, and legitimate
representatives of the Order for the First Series

88 - Same but for the Second Series

89 - Same but for the Third Series

90 - Absolute Sovereign Grand Master, Supreme Power of the Order, and Chief of the Fourth Series