Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why Police Chiefs refuse to investigate the cancer?

By: Glen Kealey

Dealing with the symptoms of crime is one thing, going after the cancer itself is another. Police Chiefs are very good at giving their own low level officers mandates to investigate the symptoms of crime, to "get the free lancers", however, they consistently refuse to go after the really Big Boys. By that I don't mean the John Gottis, or Al Capstone (oops! that was supposed to read Capones) of the world. These guys are just "middle management".

By the Big Boys I mean the Hidden Hand, the leaders of the top 57 secret degrees of Freemasonry. That gang would include both the Rosicrucians and the Jesuits. Together these to teams control the world "PI-rate". It's a rate on loans which is better known to most people as the interest rate. It is the rate of interest charge on all financial transaction by Great Lords of International Finance. The π rate allows these criminals to collect over 34% on such necessities as home mortgages.

Who are these big crooks who get away with piracy? " Well", as Ronald Reagan used to say, "π are square". And in the langauge of business that means "they are Freemasons".

These Big money Boys secretly manage the world's financing "with money they make out of thin air"; nowadays through means of simple computer entries. they control all the world's Big Business (they call it International Trade). Trade includes activities on both sides of the manufacturing process, with Management and Labor Unions included. The SYSTEM is secretly supported by the heads of Organized Religion and by all Government and Politicians. They are protected by the world's militaries and secret societies such as Freemasonry.

Their common interests extends far beyond the money. It's total control they want. Freemasonry's top controllers specialize in the control of all the "ARIES" of the ZODIAC. They also control Estuaries, Mercenaries, Commissaries, Seminaries, Missionaries, Revolutionaries, Adversaries, Emissaries, Contemporaries, and Aviaries, as well as the USA's Cabinet Secretaries, just to mention a few.

Freemasons also were the world's first "Corporate Pipe Carriers". With the assistance of such groups as the middle Eastern Phoenicians, Masons distributed culture, language, as well as religion to native communties across the entire surface of the earth; and that, long before the little recorded history which we are being told about. Phoenicians even painted those similar looking "pictures" that can be found on cave walls all around the globe.

Secret societies also control the chemists and financial brokers of the illicit drug world. They beg by making wine, then beer, then hashish, and then hard liquor, then pils, then opium, then heroine and finally cocaine. Who else could import these "products" in such quantities without fear of being arrested?

Have I answered the question that asked up front?

The Kealey Paper *Issue 17* January to may,2000