Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Comacines

"Freemasonry is descended not altogether from old Guild Masonry, but partly, at least, from the great order of th Comacines, who were the builders of the cathedrals of Western Europe.

The cathedrals were built by, or under the supervision of, the great order of the Comacines, and that from them our Freemasonry is really descended.

They were originally the community of builders who, at the downfall of Rome, left that city, and settle on the Lake of Como. They controlled an island on the lake which they called Christopolis (Comacina). In the fifth century A.D. the island fell to the Lombards. In 1169 the island community was destroyed by the people of Milan.

In 1467, the people of Como restored the ancient church on the island in honor of St. John the Baptist. "The first day of May 1400 saw the commencement of the work - add 67 and all will be understood".

"Reformed" Benedictine monks emerged from Comacina.