Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pig is me!

Soil begat oil begat loin begat oink begat Pygmies begat Pygmailian begat evolution

It became clear
, as doctors tried to implant the matching component parts of monkeys into humans, in order to replace corresponding defective ones (such as the heart, lung, or liver), that with introduction of massive doses of expensive pharmaceuticals, most of these replacement parts wer
e immediately being rejected by the body's own immune system.

This is concrete evidence that our human genetics are closely compatible with those of apes (homo-sapians). Although we may have had a common ancestor in the very distant past, the cellular genetice evolution that has occurred since then has led us in very different directions.

However can be said of porky, the pig. When transplanting pig hearts or livers into humans recently, doctors were shocked to discover how compatible these parts are with own.

Could it be, therefore, that our closest relative in the world of mammals is in fact the pig?

And because "I am that I am" (we are what we eat), what then would the real reason be why high priest of the Middle East and India had insisted that all human being under their direct control should not eat the fat or meat of pork; a demand they would base upon some vague religous dogma which was linked to future reincarnation? Could the true reason not have been linked to their knowledge about the existence of some evolutionary "cellular memory" which reestablishes and repairs sny damage done to brain cells as a result of the sexual or m
ental abuse, which they, the high priests of ancient religions, would ritually inflict upon the little children, in the form of circumcision ceremonies?

Also of note when critically analyzing all of the evidence that is available about this subject, is the little known fact that Pygmies (Pig-me) are "little people" who originate from Ethiopia (Abyssinia), which, by coincidence if one does not believe in conspiracy, is itself the same in Africa now being identified by modern scientists as the original birthplace of "Lucy", the skeletal remain
s of our oldest ancestor.

If pork is able to help me recall and remember my evolution from mammal to human, I think I'm going to take a break now and have a couple of hot roast pork sandwiches, just to help repair my brain a little. By now, after reading this far, some of you probably think I need it. A number of bees have already told me so.