Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jubal Troglodyte Freemasonry's ADAM

St. Augustine discovered the masonic code that explains the name ADAM. He showed that the four letters, A-D-A-M, are the first letters of the four words - Anatole Dysis Arktos Mesembria, the Greek names for the four corners of the world.

Freemason encyclopedias state that Adam was created androgynous a word that, to Mason elites(E=Triune Masons and LITES=Masonic Lights), means "we are male women - two heads on one body, i.e: Bisexual and Gay". This significance of their two headed eagle(Phoenix)emblem.

The word ADM (also the name of the managers of the coming New World Order food cartel) signifies the human species or breed known as Caucasians and only for lack of proper understanding has
ADAM been considered as an individual.

It was affirmed by early Christians (Freemasons) that the redemption was assured through
NOUS (this is a French word meaning US).