Wednesday, March 25, 2009

SCOTTISH RITE FREEMASONS will tell you that - "Life begins at 40"

Bees "have" when they "bee have"

When you live out your life just like any other Worker Bee, then. according to your controllers, you are "beehaving" just enough to deserve to "bee fed".

During their productive years worker bees are "loaned" a place to sleep, as long as they are prepared to pay rent or sign a mortgage. Since "mort" is the French word for the English word "dead" and "gage" is a "bet or wager", a mortgage must be a "wager" payable upon your death; or in other words, a written guarantee given by you to your controllers which states that they will recieve a payment in full upon your death, for havinng given their "gift" of food, drink and place to sleep. Your mortgage is therefore a death or "mort" certificate (interest is usually three times that which was loaned. It pays the Mason money-lenders back for their generosity, for politely having refrained from calling you a "useles eater" in public.

Every day you go about your work, bringing the stuff you've done, fixed or collected back to your bosses in order for them to profit for your labor. Then, you happily pay taxes to your controllers, out of your sense of gratitude, for being allowed to work at a job that, deep down, you really hate to to do.

It's not that they need this tax money tp provide for your "welfare", they get that money from stealing your birthright (natural resources). It's just that believe that eating and sleeping is all that a worker bee needs out of life. Who can blame them since you don't seem to mind it either?

Afterall, if you had more money to keep for yourself you may not want to continue working at a job you hate. You might even choose, instead, to work "at those things that you most love to do". This novel idea might just turn you into a "Monarch", much like it happens with the beautiful little butterfly. Your Mason controllers could no longer expect their former worker bee to work for them as "freely" as before, just for some food and lodging. Just think about it - working for yourself just before you die. Isn't this really a novel idea?