Sunday, March 29, 2009

Police Chiefs silence borders on contempt

Freemasonry is mysterious, and mystery is usually open to suspicion. But your Police Chiefs don't seem to care. Neither does the National Media. As a matter of fact few people in charge ever seem to care about anything. When you pay taxes to help care for the poor all the elites do is search for volunteers to do the work that you've already paid for with your money, sweat and tears: "....lend me your eers".

For your controllers you are just "worker or military bees" living out the program that they implanted in your brain. Troglodyte themselves must live in greater comfort and security, in the icy caves of Greenland and Antarctica where they have made their homes.

Some say "A wish is father to the thought and this thought creates the will". Masons know all about this concept and this why they created the English language. Along with their other symbols and numb'ers it's their universal language. Your wishes, far from materializing your own will, because of the 17th century New English words that you must learn and use without ever understanding their true meaning, you are unwittingly continuing to materialize your controllers wishes. It's a condition of utter barbarism by which you gradually lower to a lesser state of civilization.

No one ought to be a silent witness to be their own enslavement. But you are the sheeple and Police Chiefs view you with contempt.

Masons have at all times communicated to mankind only such secrets as might be useful to them alone, and have kept back those that might assist you to expose their evil intent. They have carefully reintroduced the wisdom of the ages only to those who do their bidding, always when it's convenient to their cause and only on a "need to know" basis. Its always been that way in agriculture, architecture, astronomy, geometry, arithmetic, the law, music, poetry, chemistry, government and religion. They teach teachers.

Rosicrucians and Jesuits have fabricated all the miracles that you are told about. They orchestrate future events and claim to be fortune tellers and mind readers. They create fear and hysteria every day on television, and then, sell you the pills they make to calm you down.

And what are our police doing about these atrocious crimes. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Instead, they seek tighter gun control laws to disarm you. Meanwhile, squeegee kids, panhandlers and prostitutes get most of their attention.

The Kealey Papers *Issue 17* January to May, 2000