Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"I am that I am"

FREEMASONRY'S "Y"'s Men make dumbed down human bees out of thinking human beings

Freemasonry is the "fifth column responsible for the transformation of human beings to human bees.

The bee stage will only "bee temporary", as masonry's real intent is to continue the transformation - first from beetle to human being, now to bees and later, after the third world, to the final stage, that of Zombies. "As above, so below".

The process by which this transformation of humans is being carried out is currently symbolized by the "Great Pyramid of Khufu". It has nine (9) sides. The visible part is the Tetrahedron, a four sided structure whose sides are shaped in the form of four triangles. The fifth column (Freemasonry) is the base floor (or fifth side) on which the entire visible structure sits.

The name Pyramid, however, means "fire in the middle", which suggests that the whole above ground structure is duplicated in reverse below ground. This only makes common sense because, without it, such a massive structure would be sitting precariously on a sea of sand. The older "Step Pyramids" which have all crumbled were built without the use of this proper foundation.